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Nestled between the ancient New River and the Blue Ridge Mountains, known as the Unspoiled Province, lies Alleghany County. Where generations of local artisans have captured the beauty of the North Carolina Mountains in their unique creations.

Nowhere is this more evident than by visiting one of the many arts and craft shops. For example, The New River Arts and Crafts Store offers handmade baskets, paintings, quilts, pottery and woodworking.

For those who live for antiquing, a trip to Roadhouse Antiques & Victoria's Tea Time is a must. Or if you’re seeking a slightly more eclectic style, visit the Winds of Time, it offers visitors an array of gifts ranging from stained glass to puzzles, cards and crystals. Surrounded by natural beauty,

Alleghany County is the place to be if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. Don’t forget to stock up on the basics for your hunting or fishing trip with a visit to S & L Outdoor Sports Supply. The friendly folks there will make sure both you and your gear are ready for the next great adventure!